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Please consider sharing a story from your UCEDD, LEND or organization that highlights a success or activity related to inclusion and diversity.

Tell us: About your story, activity, project, or resource. How does it relate to inclusion or diversity? Please be as specific as possibly, if you are, for example, sharing a story about how a survey has changed, please provide an example or two of the survey's questions. If you are sharing a story about a group or activity, please include links where people might find more information.

Who should submit: Anyone may submit a story, provided your agreement with the 'Terms and Release' below.

When to submit: Ongoing

What you will receive: Upon submitting via the online form, you will receive an email confirmation that the file(s) were received by AUCD. You will not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, for your submission. If selected for inclusion in the project, your name, photo(s), and product (if applicable) will be featured on the Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit’s website's 'Story from the Network' section.

How your video or text/photo will be used:

Your submission will be considered for inclusion on the home page of the Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit website where we highlight stories from the network and other instances of network promotion. AUCD reserves the right to edit the submission for length and content. By submitting content to AUCD, you understand that all or portions of your submitted items, including your product, video, name, and image may be used by AUCD in this project or at a later date.

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