Theme: Core Functions

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Theme: Core Functions

Objective: Engage in educational and career pipeline activities for staff, faculty and trainees

Cultivating diversity pipelines is a widely recognized strategy for increasing diversity in a variety of multidisciplinary fields. In general, pipeline activities are meant to increase diversity in a workforce or educational setting through focusing on recruiting activities from diversity groups (Johnson, 2012).

Objective: Provide accessible, culturally and linguistically competent services

The AUCD Network represents and serves multiple diverse populations with many linguistic variations. Thus, our network organizations must provide and address access boldly. This means accessible, culturally and linguistically competent clinical, educational, and community services developed to reach and best serve diverse constituents.

Objective: Conduct research that is responsive to needs of and engages with underserved communities.

Researchers who work with underserved communities must build research partnerships with communities. Historically, there has been noted tension between how research is conducted and with whom, how those who are subjects of the research fit into the world that researchers create, and how research findings are shared. Best practices point to including underrepresented and underserved populations in research activities through community responsiveness and engagement.

Objective: Address language, culture, literacy, and access barriers in all published materials and activities

To communicate most effectively within the AUCD network and across communities, all published materials and meetings should be executed with language,literacy, and cultural access in mind, at the highest quality possible. The goal of network centers and programs must be to ensure information is available to the communities being served.

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