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Season 1 Wrap Up

March 9, 2022

Join Jeiri, as she thanks you for tuning in to Season 1 of the AUCD Network Narratives podcast. Jeiri reflects on what the 1st season has had in stores and what's to come in season 2. AUCD Network has had the pleasure of hearing amazing stories from members and insights on ways we to work together to help advocate and educate the community at large.

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Jeiri Flores, Host

Katie Johnson, Project Manager

Pod House Media, Producer

Podcast Editorial Board:

  • Jairo Arana, FL-Mailman
  • Jacy Farkas, AZ-Sonoran
  • Jeiri Flores, NY-Rochester
  • Aderonke (Kiki) Oyetunji, KS
  • Courtney Taylor, TN-Vanderbilt

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This episode was funded by the Administration for Community Living through technical assistance contract # HHSP233201600066C. The contents do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Administration on Community Living, US Department of Health and Human Services, or the US Government.


Welcome to AUCD Network Narratives, where we share real stories from our members. I'm your host, Jeiri Flores Advocacy Specialist at the Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities and the co-chair for the Council on Leadership and Advocacy. Join us as we hear from inspiring leaders within our network working to make a change.

Hey y'all is Jeiri Flores, the podcast host for AUCD network narratives. And we have come to the end of the journey. Season one, it has been a wild ride. I have learned so much from everyone we've talked to, I'm looking at myself differently. I'm just trying to think about how I can do a better job as an advocate, how I can tell better stories and how to really understand all the work that still has to be done.
I think back to some of the interviews that we've had. and where we're just skimming the surface to the work that they do and the work that happens in their hometowns and how much more work, I possibly could be putting in here in my own little humble abode. I urge everyone to listen and really think about their journey and the work that they're doing and how much more we could collaborate. How many conversations we could be having and how many things we've left unsaid. This is not to say that we've, figured everything out and that we've talked about everything that there is to talk about, but I think that we've touched on some things that really deserve deeper and longer conversation.

Take an opportunity to just listen and reflect on that and your own process. And then really let's all chat.

Let's have these conversations in a greater, bigger space. So now that this session, this season is over we really love if you listen, if you shared our podcasts with folks, please go to our website, and you can share your own story.

We're always looking for people within our network to share with us. Please subscribe to our podcast, so you can learn about season two, which is coming next fall. Also tell us what you think, did I do a good job? Being a podcast host is not in my wheelhouse. It is something that was new to me.

And I just, rolled with it. I don't really say no to anything. So, if y'all need me really feel free to reach out and, really share our episodes with your colleagues, with your trainees have these conversations within your LENDs and your, UCEDDs, look into our show notes, read our key words. What kinds of topics should we touch on? That's pretty much it.

Thank you for tuning into AUCD Network Narratives. If this story has inspired you to make a change at your center or program, use the link in our show notes for resources and tools to help you lead on. We'd love to connect with you, so visit the AUCD website and click on the, submit your story button at the top. We hope to hear from you soon.

Logo AUCD Network Narratives: Real Stories from Our Members

Logo AUCD Network Narratives: Real Stories from Our Members

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