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Advocating for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) with Blake Perry

May 3, 2023

Welcome to another episode of AUCD Network Narratives, the podcast that shares real stories from our members. Home and community-based services(HCBS) are critical for people with disabilities to live the life they choose for themselves.

The HCBS Settings Rule ensures that the services people receive in their home are quality and that people with disabilities can direct their own lives. However, many services available today do not live up to the intent of the settings rule, which leaves many individuals underserved and without control over their lives and services.

These disparities can lead to people with disabilities having their rights to bodily autonomy taken from them. Enter Blake Perry, along-standing advocate with valuable first-hand experience advocating for Home and Community-Based Services, including in his role as a Community Transition Trainer at the Michigan UCEDD

Perry understands the impact these services can have on an individual, and how improvements to HCBS can make a huge difference in an individual’s life. On today’s episode, we discuss Perry’s background as an advocate, how his lived experience helped inform his current advocacy, and ways to help address disparities in home-based care.

This was a powerful and illuminating conversation centered on the right to privacy and the many barriers and disparities that exist in the system, especially for people with disabilities from the LGBTQ+ community and people under guardianship. 

It is critically important to address these concerns to truly give disabled persons their right to live the life they want to live. 

Tune in and learn more about HCBS advocacy and how we can help implement quality home and community-based services. Thanks for joining us!

This episode is funded by the Administration for Community Living through technical assistance contract # HHSP75P00121C00057. The contents do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Administration on Community Living, US Department of Health and Human Services, or the US Government.

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Image of a globe with a burst of lines with sound waves. Text AUCD Network Narratives Real Stories from Our Members

Image of a globe with a burst of lines with sound waves. Text AUCD Network Narratives Real Stories from Our Members

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