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All objectives and their related strategies and resources are organized into five themes, described below. Click on each theme to jump to that section of the page and browse objectives for each audience.

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Theme: Infrastructure

InfrastructureInfrastructure considerations address those organizational aspects that contribute to lasting improvements in areas of diversity, inclusion, and cultural and linguistic competence. Leadership and personnel expertise, job responsibilities and performance expectations, policies and budgets, and other infrastructure considerations are addressed here.

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Theme: Personnel and Trainees

Personnel and TraineesPersonnel and Trainees are the backbone of our network. These staff, faculty, students, volunteers, community members, technical assistance staff, and federal project officers together collaborate within this network to conduct and/or benefit from the broad range of activities that are intended to provide “equitable access to supports and services that reflect the preferences and values of diverse communities and that lead to self-determination, independence, productivity, and a healthy and satisfying quality of life” as indicated in AUCD's vision.

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Theme: Core Functions

Core FunctionsCore Functions for UCEDDs include 1) pre-service training; 2) community services including training, technical assistance and (optionally) model and demonstration services; 3) research, evaluation, and public policy analysis; and 4) information dissemination. These core functions are identified in the Developmental Disabilities Act of 2000. Key activities of LEND programs include 1) increasing awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); 2) reduce barriers to screening and diagnosis; 3) promote evidence based interventions for individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities; and 4) train professionals to utilize valid screening tools to diagnose and rule out autism and other developmental disabilities.

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Theme: Performance Measurement

Performance MeasurementPerformance Measurement is critical in tracking progress, identifying areas where further support is needed, and creating accountability. Meeting current federal mandates, establishing more effective guidance and measurement of progress for UCEDD and LEND networks, and setting program-level goals and measures of improvement are addressed in this theme.

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Theme: Funding

FundingFunding is a key resource for increased recruitment, research, and other implementation activities that are supportive of diversity, inclusion, and cultural and linguistic competence. Investing financially shows true commitment.

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